Reaping the Benefits of the Collaborative Sharing Economy

With today’s prices on commodities and renting places to stay being sky high, the general public has come up with different ways to offset costs. When you used to go on vacation, you had three choices, rent a hotel room, stay with friends, or sleep in a R.V. Situations have changed and regular individuals are renting out rooms in their apartments and homes for much cheaper than a conventional business can offer. It is the new sharing economy and is becoming a booming business.

Lower Costs For the Things You Desire

Technology has made it much safer to verify who people are and to make sure services are paid for in full. Verification and payment services have made it possible to rent out objects you own in your home with ease. There are apps that match up the closest available service that you are looking for right to you.

You Can Provide and Request Services in Minutes

Sites like Tophatter have made anyone an instant seller and enable them to sell their products in minutes. It is becoming the same way with being able to rent your car, jet ski, iPad, computer or power tools. What you own, I can own too has become the motto. The internet allows for easier renting of office spaces as well. Instead of having to rent an entire building for small business needs, individuals can share the costs of the space and internet fees. This model of entrepreneurship works best for people who own expensive products but don’t have the time or desire to use them often. A lot of vacation type beach “toys” can be rented to people online for much cheaper than the conventional $20-$100 an hour to rent a boat, jet ski, surf, paddle board or whatever it is you like to do but can’t afford your own. It is also called collaborative consumption and it helps everyone out.

Environmentally Beneficial and Socially Fun

Instead of having to buy a car when you live in a city, being able to rent someone else’s for the day here and there saves on gas and reduces your carbon footprint especially if the rest of the time you are using public transportation or a bike. It is also helping to connect people to new friendships that they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Some people just enjoy the socialization aspect of having various renters come and go for brief periods of time. It keeps life exciting for them. Sharing in the economy is good for us all on so many levels.

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