The Emerging Yet Promising Concept of Sharing Economies:

Usually people are supposed to share relationships, emotions and sometimes meals however, 21st century and the digital boom has introduced us to another form of sharing. It is called sharing economy. The basic idea behind this concept is that people get a chance to become a driver, a renter, landlord or teacher, etc., on ad-hoc basis. If you have an extra room in your house, rent it out for some time and make quick cash. Who doesn’t want extra bucks in the current age of inflation and economic recession? We all do.. and sharing economy provides us the perfect chance to do that.

Why Sharing Economy is so Promising a Concept?

The main reason why this particular idea is garnering so much attention from masses is that it lets everyone become a sharer. There is no particular degree or course that one has to finish prior to becoming part of this revolution. It is an open platform for people from across the globe. Let’s suppose you need to travel overseas, let’s say to Japan, and you aren’t in a mood to spend too much on accommodation. So, your best bet is to look for rental room offered by home owners in your destination city and get it booked online. You get to customize the deal in a way you feel comfortable and enjoy your time abroad. The same process can be followed for hiring pick and drop transport and even booking tickets.

How can we Benefit from Sharing Economies?

There are thousands of websites offering sharing economy facilities or posing as a potential gateway to find the perfect service provider. The services are provided by private individuals.  There is room for all sorts of goods and services from renting boats to wedding gowns, prom dresses to getting single bed rooms and similar other assets. The idea is to share assets without any hiccups. If you have pre-loved dresses, you don’t need to open a brick and mortar outlet to sell or rent them, simply become an online sharing economy vendor and coordinate everything with the buyer/renter through the internet. You don’t need to file for complex documentations in order to get government’s approval and you also don’t need to think about taxation expenses at all. Everything is so conveniently done and it is for the benefit of the entire global society not just for a small segment of entrepreneurs and corporate magnets.

Why Sharing Economy is Different?

It is different because it makes sharing of assets cheaper and easier for everyone. Technology has already reduced the costs of transactions but still it takes a lot of investment to open up a full-fledge retail out to sell your assets or rent them out. But with the emergence of sharing economy facilitating websites like, you only have to get associated with the site in order to feature on their list of reliable service providers in a particular category. The availability of data about people and access to global consumers is something that makes sharing economy so much different from other business ventures. Without much difficulty anyone can find a good tenant, driver or dress designer. You may want to rent tools instead of buying them and all you need to do is find the right person in your vicinity having the required tools. Such is the way sharing economy method works. In simple words, it is an inviting platform for normal people where nothing in the name of investment is required.

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