Lympo- LYM ICO Healthy Way Of Life Health And Fitness Blockchain Wallet Tokens?



Lympo is a blockchain based firm that seeks to decentralize the fitness and mindfulness industry.

When Does It Start?

Pre ICO sale starts on December 14th, 2017. The total Lympo marketplace will be up and running in 2020.

What’s Lympo’s Vision?

The Lympo team is assisted by the following goals:

Rewarding Exercise

With the Lympo decentralized system, people obtain monetarily rewarded for a workout, unlike the existing system where just the health and fitness company advantages.

Sharing Fitness Conveniences with Life Insurers

Lympo intends to enable health insurance business reward individuals that live healthy and balanced lives.

Easy Payment for Lifestyle Services

Lympo intends to allow people to spend on physical fitness items making use of the LYM tokens.

Enhance privacy

Lympo intends to manage the number of people who can access your fitness information online. Any individual wanting to gain access to such data would certainly need to pay you for it.

Enable Data Sharing

Lympo aims to allow individuals to accumulate their health and fitness data and market it to research study companies.

Exactly How Does Lympo Work?

Lympo’s working system can be broken down as listed below:

  • A health and fitness instructor creates a program that is tailored to the user’s requirements.
    The user joins and also approves the program.
    The Lympo network links the two using the blockchain produced Lympo coin.
    The individual’s data is sent out to the Lympo portal via the Lympo budget.
    If the individual satisfies the collection fitness objectives, they are rewarded with Lympo coins.

Should You Purchase the Lympo Coin?

Lympo coin offers a great possibility for a person wanting to generate income, while at the exact same time maintaining fit. Some of the reasons you need to buy Lympo are:

Exponential Growth of the Fitness And Health Sector

The health and wellness sector has actually been growing enormously in the last few years, with the market anticipated to be worth $233 billion by the year 2020. This guarantees you that a financial investment in Lympo will provide you a good return in the future.

You Earn Money for Workout

Lympo utilizes blockchain innovation to allow you make by selling your information to your fitness and health research study business.

How Are Lympo Tokens Distributed?

Lympo has 1 billion tokens on offer. 150 countless them are being released pre-sale. The tokens will have discount rates as listed below:

  • The first 30 million Lympo tokens will certainly draw in a 20% discount.
    The next bunch of 20 million Lympo will certainly draw in a 10% discount rate.
    Next off will be a bunch of 10 million Lympo that will be provided at a 5% discount rate.
    Any unsold tokens at the end of the ICO will certainly be destroyed.

Who are Brains Behind Lympo?

The Lympo team is composed of 8 entrepreneurs all with diverse abilities ranging from sports, politics to advertising and marketing. Ada Jonuse, as well as Laurynas Gumbis, are the owners, and also they both have experience in sporting activities entrepreneurship. The team is suggested by some of the most effective brains in national politics, software application design, and sporting activities.

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