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Rent the Runway allows you to choose from thousands of clothing options for every day use or events. You can pick from a wide variety of clothing and accessories for a short-term rental. They are a leader in the clothing sharing industry and is listed on our website near ThredUP, Borrowed by Design, Chic by ChoicePoshmark and Rentez-Vous.

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Rent the Runway offers a very generous promotional code to new users and we invite you to take advantage of it. Simply follow the link above and enter the provided coupon code at the appropriate time. The Rent the Runway promo code gives you a significant credit to be applied to your first purchase.

Rent the Runway Clothing

Rent the Runway offers clothing from a ton of top designers and brands. Here is a partial list of clothing options found on Rent the Runway: Jill Jill Stuart, Trina Turk, Jay Godfrey, Nicole Miller, Cynthia Rowley, Solace London and Rachel Zoe. Sign in using email or Facebook to see the entire list of brands and designers on Rent the Runway.

Dresses – Choose From a Huge Selection!

The website has a large offering of dresses in many different categories including: lace dresses, off the shoulder, midi, plus size, formal dresses, party dresses, gowns, daytime dresses and casual dresses. They offer dresses from a lot of the most notable designers and often list designer dresses under $50.

Rent the Runway Reviews

The website uses a 5-star review system and many of their items have hundreds of reviews. Users can read extensive reviews including the overall fit and useful information regarding how previous renters suggest wearing the item and with what accompaniments. Login to Rent the Runway today, use the promotional code and learn more about the advantages of the clothing sharing economy.

Video Transcript:

coming up now we have Jen Hyman and
Jason del Rey is coming back with us
come on up do you want any cheesecake am
I on yeah I was worried that that was
gonna come on to me who was it oh do you
get that that was the first knows there
was it’s interstitial with that’s so
narc in the me to frame of mine anyway
I’m sorry scaramouche you again so for
us you have I don’t have a crush on him
it was just a really good interview I
did not have a crush on him
well we’re super excited of Jennifer I
mean who’s the co-founder and CEO of
Rent the Runway so a lot of people in
the audience probably know rent the
runway as the place that women have gone
over the last couple years how many
years seven eight years eight and a half
eight and a half years to to rent that
amazing designer dress for a special
event right over the last two years and
we’ll touch on that but over the last
two years you’ve built out a couple of
different subscription offerings that I
think have even it sounds like from a
previous shot we had have surpassed your
expectations can you quickly explain
what what those are yeah so when I
started the company I really had this
vision that the closet was moving into
the cloud and that if you imagine the
closet in the future a large portion of
it I think over 50% would be filled with
things that you don’t have to own
forever so there was always a vision
that I had to launch a subscription to
fashion but eight and a half years ago
people had never rented clothes before
so the easiest consumer value
proposition to launch the company with
was rent a dress for a special occasion
because every woman could open her
closet and feel that icky feeling of the
dress that she bought and she only wore
once so wanted to use kind of the
reverse logistics infrastructure that we
built to power new products and one was
this subscription to fashion so spent a
year with a subscription in beta because
I didn’t really know what that meant
what is the subscription to fashion I
hear closet in the cloud and I’m still
getting a little confused so but yeah
already we learned from our own
customers our customers were saying to
us you know it’s really great that you
let me rent the runway for a wedding
that I have or a gala but the main thing
that I do in my life five out of seven
days a week is I work and there’s an
enormous financial burden that’s placed
on me of getting dressed for work every
single day can you make rental a key
part of my professional wardrobe so when
we launched this subscription to fashion
we completely change the inventory that
we had on Rent the Runway so that women
could rent for work and now our business
has moved from serving the customer four
times a year for those special occasions
to now she’s using us a hundred fifty
days of the year so she’s wearing an
outfit that is rented as opposed to
something that is in her closet or
something that she purchased a hundred
fifty days what’s that number represent
that’s the average that’s the average
subscriber is using us 150 days a year
so of course there are some that are
using us more and something lasts how
many pieces does that represent meaning
they say this week I want these clothes
they come back and you just what’s the
usage so the way that the model works is
you pay a monthly fee you receive four
piece which is which is which is 159
right you receive four pieces at a time
and you could swap them an unlimited
number of times throughout the month and
what we find is that she just wants more
so the only complaint that we hear
amongst people that let’s say churn from
our program is can I get more outfits at
a time can I get more pieces at a time
and can you get them to me quicker which
was fascinating to me that like the
number one reason for churn is I like
this so much that I want to do it 200
days a year instead of 150 days so these
women are not they’re not renting for
items and wearing them several times
they’re basically rail
wearing each once and then want to turn
it around well the customer herself is
in control so if she gets a leather
jacket from us she might keep it for a
few weeks this dress I’m gonna return
tomorrow and get something new so
everything is on its own rotating cycle
and we enable her to swap things however
frequently she wants so under the
concept what do people actually own like
a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or what or
is that something that you look into
going into so what is the what is the
larger conceptual idea is that people
don’t just have like faces in the future
if you our customers who have this
subscription to fashion they still buy
clothes but when they purchase clothes
they’re thinking about pieces that
actually they’ll invest in a piece that
they will wear many many times
I mean think of the fact that the
highest growth areas of this two point
four trillion dollar industry over the
last thirty years has been the growth of
fast fashion so businesses like H&M; and
Zara fast fashion is a rental business
because when you go into a store and buy
something for $9.99 and you know that
it’ll fall apart after you wear it once
or you know that you’re gonna buy
something trendy from Zara that you’re
only gonna wear once or twice you’re
going into the the shopping experience
knowing that you’re renting so all I’m
doing is making the rental process more
sustainable more efficient and actually
providing more value to the customer
than her having to purchase all of these
items per year so I read way more Rent
the Runway subscription subscriber
reviews than I thought I ever would in
my life to prep for this but one of the
biggest you know there was a lot of
positive when there was some negative
the number one thing was man if I’m
paying $159 a month I want to I want to
get my money’s worth and I want to in
turn turn it over as much as possible
and there was you know according to
these reviews some a lack of
predictability sometimes in when I
returned this and order something new
when I’m actually gonna get that back so
how do you it sounds like that is a
challenge and then how do you how do you
overcome that the business itself what
we’ve built over the last eight and
yours is a proprietary reverse logistics
platform it’s a operations company and
we need to get her clothing in perfect
condition as quickly as possible what
she wants is overwhelming value clearly
if she’s paying $159 a month she wants
to use us 20 days in the month instead
of the 13 days of the month that she’s
using this today so again that’s more a
positive to me of okay how do I get it
to her quicker for instance we’re
opening up a new mega facility in Dallas
so that we could reach the entire West
Coast right now right now you’re where
where’s your right now our facilities in
Secaucus New Jersey so our East Coast
customers have a quicker turnaround time
than our West Coast customers that’ll be
solved this year there’s a lot we’re
doing to get four more and I wouldn’t be
surprised if in a few months we’re even
offering her more units at a time as
opposed to four
she’s already expressed that interest
that poor isn’t enough and that would
come in a different price point protect
potentially or do you think you could
build that into the current model where
we’re seeing this as how can we really
change her behavior forever so the way
to create that stickiness is to offer
the overwhelming value so ideally we
could give her more units without
increasing the price if you think about
Amazon Prime and the likelihood that I’m
ever going to stop paying for it is very
very low because they keep on providing
more and more benefit to me so the other
way that we provide more benefit is we
add new categories so this year we
launched Maternity as part of
subscriptions we launched denim which I
never thought would work before I mean I
thought who would ever rent jeans but
they will rent really they will when
they will rent really jeans rented items
or you know various editorial types of
jeans so like editorial jeans like this
season right really wide leg jeans or
culottes or overalls we’re in science
Turkey so overalls right now are huge on
our site because you might not want to
buy a pair of over I should rent mine I
have them
the 70 last time I wore him I was
pregnant I used to do the one strap
thing sorry
asking the tip fashion tips from Jason
Del Rey is a podcast that just popped
into my brain okay that’ll be poppin so
when you when you’re thinking how is the
other that then they actually have two
questions so when you’re thinking of
this idea of wanting to own versus rent
I know you you referenced a tweet I just
gave they just did about stitch fix
which I’ve been trying Jason made me try
it I think you did or else having to
train is coming okay yeah so I’ve tried
it and they never get me right they
never it’s like fast fantastic how badly
they get me and so every month I send
back everything like because it’s always
I’m not sure who they’re thinking about
so then this month
somehow they suddenly got me and I kept
three of the things they got and the
note I got from ginger my stylist said
we’ve decided your androgynous and
simple you can see the picture of it
which is insulting but accurate so so
but now that you’re thinking renting I
think that’s even better like when I
think about it so what like how do you
is it is it a fashion forward customer
did you had fashion-forward customers
and it’s quite obviously I’m not fashion
forward but what the perfect perfect the
way I know I’m a draw just and simple
overall customer base is fashion forward
right no it’s extremely diverse so we
have eight and a half million customers
that’s all right
synthesis science we started and those
women represent 50% live in kind of
urban cities 50% do not a whole range of
household incomes our subscribers
currently who are paying $159 a month
are from the 75 million professional
women in this country that spend
thousands of dollars a year getting
dressed for work so actually 98 percent
our subscribers have a job and work
everyday so that’s really who we’re
going after with Rent the Runway
unlimited but we recently launched an
$89 subscription price point and we’re
seeing that the customers who are
subscribing to that are more in line
with who our traditional customer is
which is like some of them work some of
them are wealthy some of them are not
wealthy some of them live in rural areas
so it’s really about offering products
that meet her knee what is a subscriber
I’m trying to get the idea of what are
they so what are they getting what do
they want you mean from run through and
well yeah what do you would eat what’s
the interest in everyday wearing
something new and having 600,000
different styles that you can choose for
and choose from and those styles are
constantly being added to so if today
I’m wearing this dress and tomorrow I am
going to be in more casual clothes and
then the next day I want another outfit
you know something
we’re already exhibiting via buying the
behavior of quantity over quality so in
1990 Americans bought 40 articles of
clothing per year in 2017 they bought 68
articles of clothing per year so we’re
buying more we want more variety we want
the psychological self confidence that
comes from wearing something new and
this is just a much more affordable and
sustainable way to do that so in late in
late 2016 you raise the sixty million
dollar investment from fidelity at the
time I think you told me or more
recently that you had launched
subscription at the time but you had
told them you’re investors essentially
you should be investing on the core
business this subscription thing is
we’re not sure we’re not sure what it’s
in a wire so how be give us some idea
how big that business is today compared
to the you know we are a bunch of
friends or drinks around so I think
about subscriber growth and that’s the
metric I’m obsessed with our subscribers
are up 150% year over year and that
number is increasing every month it’s
gonna be this month is its two-year
anniversary and in terms of revenue it’s
growing at double the clip of Netflix in
its early years and this year it’ll be
the far majority of our revenue so
subscription will be the majority of
your overall ready yeah so as our core
business continues to grow subscription
is growing much quicker but more
importantly our core business is a
business that someone uses a few times a
year this is a business that you’re
using 150 times a year today and maybe
more in the future
as a real substitution to shopping so
our subscribers are telling us that
they’re shopping 80% less when they have
this subscription to fashion and we
should tell Eric nor Eric I think Eric
left what how does that work with I mean
you really so your belief is that buying
well that this is not a fringe idea long
term no I mean look at the success and
growth of the recom ours like thredUP
and the real real that’s another form of
rental it’s just a longer term rental if
you buy a handbag and then a year later
you sell it on thredUP
you’ve rented that bag for a year so if
you have that ability to monetize to
constantly rotate which companies like
Rent the Runway and thredUP have been
offering you’ll take it and millions and
millions of customers are adopting this
behavior it should that be a business
you’re in also the business of the real
real for example reselling recently I
think you know one of the things that we
are launching right now is we’ve
developed this incredible logistics
for man what we found is that rental
first of all provides much higher ROI on
inventory because you can rent things
over the course of many years and make
higher return and that it opens up
entirely new customers to brands so
right now we’re opening up our platform
to brands and retailers and enabling
them to use rental as a new revenue
stream for their companies gain those
customers so to be able to market to
those customers and gain really
important data on what she’s wearing
what she likes about it what she doesn’t
like about it what she’s wearing a – so
the context with which someone wears
something is really important I mean we
fundamentally are the only retailer in
the world that actually know did she
wear it or not a lot of retailers know
sell-through rate like so stitch fix
knows that you now our perch have
purchased three items of clothing from
the box that you received but they’re
not going to know if you end up wearing
those items how many times you wear them
did you love it did you like it or was
it just okay so sometimes you might have
a high sell through rate as a retailer
on a specific style but very low loyalty
but you are also saying to retailers you
don’t need as many items so because it
is predicated on selling more and you’re
saying reuse the same clothing over and
over again yeah I think that we buy way
too much stuff Rent the Runway is very
simple we are trying to get customers to
buy less stuff so you go that is what
the value set of this business is and
when you do buy stuff buy better invest
in products from Nordstrom that actually
you’ll have five years from now or 10
years from now stop shopping at H&M; stop
shopping at cheap stores that are
producing things with you know cheap
labor that are just going to sit in the
back of your closet anyway my Uniqlo
a couple years I have an amazing dry
cleaner keeps patching it up dry and
their dry cleaning is your no word your
not at that she’s and that is a pathetic
story yeah I am full of them no no you
look good just that point you were just
making but said they I want to make sure
we just hit it on the head so what I
think what you’re saying is you’re now
are you out pitching retailers saying
put a rental button on your website and
we’ll handle behind the scenes happens
is that is that are you a software and
logistics provider on top of we’re
certainly going into that business we’re
already doing that with some of the
brands that we work with so we work with
550 brands there were not only just
buying their inventory wholesale but
we’re also enabling them to test new
collections with us to launch new
collections with us to see how they work
see how they were get data early before
they make an investment as a brand in
launching it we’re saying to brands hey
before you put something on markdown
just give it to us like never go on
markdown again because we can make
higher ROI through that inventory and
renting it then you can make via your
markdown channels so our own 550 brands
are now using us in multiple different
ways as opposed to the traditional way
which was we bought your inventory we
rented it out and we acted like every
other account you would what else would
people if this is working you take
maternity clothes
what would the best sellers in this
renting would be work clothes right is
that correct yeah work clothes but as
offices have become business casual you
know that means anything work clothes
means a sweater
it could mean jeans it could mean in
some more formal places it could mean a
dress so it’s really about the diversity
of clothing that we’re offering so you
know eight and a half years old still a
private company though just launched
subscription two years ago you still
have the events business we’re gonna get
two revenue numbers at some point I know
I know
want to give those out why go and now
you’re talking about being sort of back
in rental white label service for other
retailers that seems like like a lot of
things to do at the same time like why
do that when you’re having so much
success with the other two things and
they’re still pretty the subscription is
pretty young is it not much extra work
or how do you think about that at this
point we’ve raised 210 million dollars
and that capital has gone towards
building up proprietary technology and
to building out reverse logistics what
is reverse logistics it means that we’re
in the hundred percent returns business
and when we get back clothing from
customers we can turn it around and to
new customers in a 12 hour period so
with a zero day turnaround time so we’ve
also discovered over the eight and a
half years that this is driving millions
of new customers into brands so
ninety-eight percent of our customers
are renting from brands they’ve never
bought before so it is a pure play
customer acquisition channel so we
already have the platform set up we know
that brands actually are feeling a lot
of pressure right now there’s a lot of
competition for them there’s competition
from Amazon there’s competition from
Zara and H&M; there’s competition from
the resale markets so we’re saying
here’s a new revenue stream for you that
not only gives you money but it gives
you customers and it also gives you data
and it’s it’s turnkey so I think because
it’s not easy because it actually took
us eight and a half years to get here
but now that we’re here why not actually
do more for the brands that we work with
so you’re you’re very hands-on I mean at
least this turn around takes a lot of
people one of the areas of interest for
me lately has been in the future of work
and how people do it you talk about AI
in this area is there how big an
opportunity is that for you and how do
you think about your labor force well
some elements of automation in our
distribution facility the and the places
where we automate are the things that
everyone does anyway so the pick pack
and ship process is fairly standardized
amongst many different retailers that’s
not special for us
so our automation is in that part of our
process but components of our process
like our dry cleaning process
seamstresses leather repair spotting our
inbound process our quality control
process I don’t see that that is going
to be automated ever potentially what
about using AI to understand the transit
or can you do the expansion’s
notoriously difficult to decide to
figure out we already use I think AI is
an overused words and I don’t really
know what it means
means artificial but what we do do is we
use data from the very beginning of the
company to figure out what people want
to wear and that has dramatically helped
us defray inventory risk and actually
inventory for us we’ve turned it from a
liability into an asset for the business
now okay everyone says that that’s no
different than what stitch fix says then
what Nordstrom says the difference is
I’m now dressing you 150 days of the
year you tell me that you’re pregnant
before you tell your relatives because
you want your carousels on your one to
one personalized home page to be
personalized to you not only based on
fit not only based on style but based on
the context of your life I know that you
know one of my customers right now she’s
in Vegas and and rent throne we noticed
that I am going to Miami this weekend
because we’re continuously pinging
customers for new information about them
and they give us that data because they
then we give them personalized curation
and that personalized curation is even
more important in a company you’re
coming to 150 days of the year no one
wants to spend if you’re a subscriber
more than two minutes on our site and
two minutes too much like we have to get
you in and out picking your next units
and like with all seconds I think so
we’re trying to give you as much
personal personalization as possible and
that is all about data we’re in a QA
time and jen has a flight to catch so we
could do like one or two questions I’m
sure we have a couple of smart ones here
you do have a flight to catch yes okay
we’re being serious is this one coming
out oh done it’s gonna be a good
question just wondering cleaners please
please tell us who you are
your q4 results I’m Andy Cohen Durbin Oh
buzz question for you Jen you’ve
navigated so many eras that rent the
runway so well so many different things
I’ve seen you go through what’s the
biggest leadership insight you’ve had
recently so call it the last year or two
years something you didn’t know even
three or four years ago wow that is a
great question I think I don’t know if
this is an insight but the team people
think that the team is the most
important asset at the beginning of a
company when you’re founding it I think
the team and every single leadership
hire that we make across the board is
even more important now as a 1200 person
company the other thing that is critical
in this world of me too in this world of
the fact that there is no diversity
intact and in this in the startup
industry I think that one insight that I
have is that the VAT that diversity is a
value set and it’s something that
founders either exhibit from the very
beginning of their company if you’re not
diverse when you’re a 10 person company
you’re never gonna be able to be
when you’re a 1200 person company
because no one wants to be the minority
so I’m actually really proud looking
backwards that we had that value set at
the beginning and honestly it wasn’t
hard for us to be diverse we were
diverse as a 10-person company along
gender ethnic racial sexual orientation
lines and that’s enabled us to be even
more diverse today why do you think that
is that it’s actually we’ve always hired
the best people and those best best
people are women and people of color and
people who are gay and also white men
and another new hashtag white men –
hashtag white men too but that’s a big
day in my life honestly it hasn’t been
hard for us at all so when other people
say whether they’re investors or whether
they’re founders of companies or CEOs
that it’s hard for them to achieve
diversity in their teams or on their
leadership I don’t think they’re trying
I think it’s complete BS yep I agree
with you thank you thank you that’s
great question
do one more hi I’m Michele grant I would
Euromonitor International and I’m
curious as to how does fit play into the
subscription process with so many
designers different sizing processes how
do you get someone to trust you to be
their wardrobe every month when they may
not know what they’re ordering actually
fits and looks good on them so
interestingly when you do something 150
times a year the relative friction
behind every individual time you use us
is lower your fear about fit is lower
because if you get a sweater today from
us and you don’t like it you could
return it and you can get something new
the next day so you got a now the next
time no no we’re finding that with our
with our subscription business if it is
actually not as big of an issue as it is
in our events business so think about
even like
the music industry Spotify we now have
an engine where we can discover whatever
we want to listen to if there’s a song
that I’m listening to that I don’t like
I just press pause and I listen to the
next song and I don’t feel angry at
Spotify that I didn’t like that Drake
song so it’s the exact same thing that
we didn’t wait for days for it though
right well you’re getting something the
next day from us so it’s not like you’re
waiting for days and you were ready
again have three other pieces at home so
it’s not that you’re left with something
you’re left in a situation with nothing
to wear so in a sense subscription is
about bounty it’s about continuous
variety trial and for you as a customer
the reason why you love it is
you could try anything if you normally
wear black which a lot of women do
because it’s a rational thing to own our
most popular color last spring on our
site was yellow everyone wanted to wear
yellow because it’s something you want
to wear versus something you want to own
and we’re the first company in the world
that is separated wearing from owning
women want to wear clothes they want to
wear constant newness and clothes they
don’t necessarily want to buy all of
those clothes what about for Jason for
subscriptions man I’ve been waiting yeah
do you see that I think that there’s
such a massive opportunity globally for
women and that’s why agency focused on
all right and you can stick with unique
love on that note ugly burned I check
that’s not a perfect what I know
we’ll let you make your flight hopefully
all right thanks
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